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What's New In 2012?

2011 was a busy year for writing and 2012 is likely to be no different!

I have three confirmed releases over the next few months as well as an update to my website.

In late February, the new website will be live and improved features will be embedded feeds to this Livejournal blog and my Twitter account. This means my latest tweets and blogs will update on my website.  I also now have Follow Me buttons and links to sites such as Facebook, Goodreads and my Amazon Author Page, as well as a subscription option for readers to keep tabs on any of my writing updates.

To mark the re-launch of the website I've uploaded a free short story to Smashwords to give a sample of my writing to interested readers. "Something Wicked…" is already receiving positive reviews on the site. It is the tale of an old man haunted by a terrible past – oh, and it also features a nasty supernatural clown too.

To download a free version of "Something Wicked…" click here:


March will see the launch of the "Corrupts Absolutely?" anthology from Damnation Books and there is already a great buzz about this collection of short stories featuring a twist on the typical superhero tropes. "Corrupts Absolutely?" is essentially about the dark side of power and the affect it would have on the not so virtuous.

My short story "Crooked" will feature in "Corrupts Absolutely?" alongside some hugely talented writers such as Tim Marquitz, Jeff Strand, Joe McKinney and Weston Ochse (to name but a few!).

"Crooked" is about a stroke-afflicted thief named Leon 'Lightfingers' Lighte. The stroke breaks Leon physically and he suffers some unusual side effects. Leon steals £30,000 from a gangland boss named Jimmy Delvita and goes on the run from the mobster. On appearances, Leon doesn't have much hope, but appearances can be deceiving, and maybe Leon isn't as vulnerable as people think.

"Crooked" is the first story I have written to a "brief" in order for it to fit within the "Corrupts Absolutely?" universe. Piecing it together was a fun process and I am thrilled to be part of this publication.

For more on "Corrupts Absolutely?" click here to go to editor Lincoln Crisler's website:


As well as "Crooked" I also have another short story titled "Masks" due for release in the coming months. I entered "Masks" in the 2012 Bloody Parchment competition at the back end of 2011. "Masks" made the final shortlist and will be released as part of the "Bloody Parchment Anthology: Volume 2" later this year. A release date is to be announced and I'll confirm it on Twitter and Facebook once it is.

"Masks" is a no punches pulled horror set in a London theatre. Cris Fletcher, the celebrated actor, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is struggling to deal with the grim reality of his approaching death and the impact it will have on his loved ones. Cris receives a series of cryptic notes hinting at a terrible choice he will have to make, a choice that might lead to a cure.

For more on "Bloody Parchment: Volume 2:" please click on the link below:


In addition to the anthologies, I am currently working with editor Nerine Dorman on sharpening "First Kiss, Last Breath", a short novel set for release by Lyrical Press in September.

"First Kiss, Last Breath" is a coming of age story set in a Manchester suburb. Andrew Rowly is an art student who believes he has brought a demon into the world through his painting. With Andrew's perception becoming increasingly unreliable, and his grandfather adding to his growing list of problems, Andrew meets a girl, Nor. But to be with her, to experience his first kiss, Andrew must first overcome his demon(s).

I started to write "First Kiss, Last Breath" at the start of 2011 on my honeymoon of all places! I've never been much of a sunbather so I scribbled on my notepad while my beautiful new bride took in the Malaysian rays. I'm pleased with the result and it is a privilege to be involved with Lyrical Press as this is my first publication with them. "First Kiss, Last Breath" features the uncertainties of adolescent relationships coupled with a take on the potential implications of having an "unorthodox" imagination.

Updates for "First Kiss, Last Breath" will feature on my various sites throughout the year.

In terms of new writing I have a few short stories outlined and I will turn these around in the coming months and look for a suitable outlet for them.

I've also begun work on a series of novels about one family's fight to survive apocalypse. It's early days yet, but I have a full outline of the first novel and I'm about a third of the way through an initial draft of the yet to be titled book. I'm excited about where this is going and I hope to produce something very dark and different for my readers.

Watch this space…

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Wow, loads going on! Looking forward to First Kiss, Last Breath - sounds like my kind of thing :)

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